Founder/Dev : IKnowImEZ aka THEREALWWEFAN231

Custom Font & Alt Manager : xDolf Devs

Discord : ForceAWP

Discord : RonIsBest

Alot of help : DevOnDuty

Info On Color Signs : TheTroll2001

Entity Speed : Future Client

Speed Mode Tomato : Tomato Client

Flight Mode Hypixel : Idk who made it

Trajectories, Auto Tool, Fancy Chat+ Classic, Auto farm(getFacingFromBlock method) : Wurst Client Dev

Elytra+ Mode 2h2e : 2h2e Client Dev

Reflection Fields Forge Mod : Pepsi Mod Devs

Website help and domain : Paralusion

Website help : TechX

Crystal Aura Auto Place : Kami Client Dev

Jesus Bouncy : Cinnamon Client Devs

Baritone : leijurv

.randombook : Earthcomputer

Packet Fly Fast Base : Riga

Bow Aim Bot Rotations : Uzi Client Devs